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Becoming a member of is as easy as ABC. To do this, please register on our website. It only takes a few minutes. To register, click on the 'SIGNUP' button, fill in the fields of the registration form with required information and then click the 'Register an account' button to complete the registration process. After account registration, you are welcome to log into your private account area. The account is designed to provide you with a secure online earning experience.

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2. Create a deposit

Log into your private account area using your username and password, now you can make your first investment. Visit the Deposit section, select an investment plan which is interesting for you as well as a payment system through which you will conduct all financial transactions, and enter the deposit amount. Then the system will forward you to the website of the payment system. Follow the instructions of Payment processor. When the transaction will be completed, you will automatically return to our site, and money will be credited to chosen investment plan.

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3. Withdraw funds

The accrued interest from your deposit will be transferred to your account in accordance with the chosen deposit plan. Interest is accrued daily or at the end of the deposit period depending on the type of investment plan. To withdraw your earnings, which are available on your account balance you need to make next: click the 'Withdraw' button, further choose payment system, type an amount, which you want to withdraw, then click on the 'Confirm' button. Now just wait for the money that was requested during the withdrawal at your electronic wallet.

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About payment processors

Perfect money is a leading payment system allowing users to make instant payments and money transfers on the internet securely. The Perfect Money security system overpasses the development of all currently available modern technologies and tools for the payment systems crack. The system offers internal currency conversion; you can at any time exchange the currency available in your account for other currency at the internal system rates. Perfect money is opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet business.
Payeer is another popular payment method offering a multitude of services. Wallet is running in more than 200 countries, supports the transfer of funds to almost all popular payment systems in the world, allows the transfer of money to bank and card accounts or using the SWIFT system. Payeer is a service where no one controls where and whom you send money to. Therefore, there is a very low risk of sudden account blocking. It is a great solution for both a beginner and an advanced user.
Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks which makes it so remarkable. All transactions between the bitcoin users are verified by network nodes and recorded in open shared ledger referred to as the blockchain. A record of each transaction is shown in the log of the user as well. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.
Litecoin was developed as a decentralised digital payment method. In technical details, Litecoin is nearly identical to Bitcoin. However, Litecoin is a much better option for fast, cheap, everyday transactions when compared to BTC. While Bitcoin is seen as 'gold', Litecoin is seen as the 'silver'. Currently, Bitcoin is more popular as a payment method, however, Litecoin has a strong presence as well. It is a cheap alternative to payment processors that is safe as well.
Dogecoin is an easy to use transaction platform and a fun, light-hearted cryptocurrency which is very popular with crypto newcomers.Dogecoin was created by programmer Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon and Jackson Palmer from Australia in Dec 2013 and quickly gained a lot of traction. Cryptocurrency is completely anonymous, decentralized and extremely secure. Dogecoin is one of the easiest accessible coins on the market.
Ethereum is an open platform and operating system that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications such as Smart Contracts and other complex legal and financial applications.It is a whole network, with its own Internet browser, coding language and payment system. A Smart Contract enables you to specify payment to another user after certain conditions are met. Ethereum is, by its very design, resistant to tampering and fraud. Payments on Ethereum are simple.
Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency forked from the original Bitcoin. Just like Bitcoin, BitcoinCash can be used as a payment method. Bitcoin Cash's technology allows much faster transaction times and lower transaction fees. Bitcoin Cash has not been around for very long, but it has already established itself as an extremely strong cryptocurrency. At the moment, it is the world's fourth cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, behind the industry stalwarts Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.
Dash is cryptocurrency with integrated mixing function (laundering). Dash describes itself as digital cash that aims to offer financial freedom to everyone. You can send anonymous transactions with the cryptocurrency through its PrivateSend feature. With PrivateSend, your transaction is bundling with other anonymous payments. This makes it difficult for someone to see where transactions originate from, and where they are going. Low fees, instant transaction time and secure make Dash the preferred method of payment around.